Writing make me stronger

Today I feel stronger, even though I am sometimes fragile inside. I thought a lot of things today. Most of the time I like to walk, put on the headphones, and feel the feeling of freedom in my soul.

It's time for me to reflect and think about many things that have happened to me. Some I even smile a little silly in the middle of the street. Others I move away and leave once more forgotten in some drawer of time.

Goodnight Journal

I often went out looking for answers I didn't get.

I left in search of understanding why love, when it returns, leaves again without leaving any explanations, leaving a heart that felt so much lighter and fuller, there, thrown to its own devices.

I wish everything were simple and easy. It was like magic, and we could erase absolutely everything bad that happened to us. But it can't. It is necessary to live in mourning, it is necessary to learn to get back on track and start where you left off. At these times I breathe, look at the number of people passing by and imagine scenes like mine. Not in the same proportion, but people who also hide so many stories through their eyes. I am moved. I am emotional. Even though I have abused my reason a little.

Writing journals make me stronger

Today I don't feel small, I don't feel giant. I feel inside what I have contributed to myself, to others, to what I have allowed being taken away like someone who goes by the river and flows into different points from where I am.

Today I feel that proximity is being closer to faith, dreams, things that you can put on your lap and cradle with love, you can feel, you can get closer to my ideal of achievements. Of course, a lot took to go. A lot took to pass. But passed. I have a scar there, another one here, but nothing to stop me from getting back into action and being what I am.