Best online journal app reviews 2021

Finding the best online journal in year of 2021 gets harder as more apps and websites are introduced in the market. The good new is you have a plenty of products to choose from and we will help you find the one that is suited for you.

The 5 best journals apps that are most popular in 2021

  1. Goodnight Journal
  2. Penzu
  3. Journey
  4. Day One
  5. My Diary

Here are 5 online journals apps that are most popular in 2021.

Goodnight Journal

Goodnight Journal

Built in California and launched in 2013 and has been a leader of the online journal community. Goodnight Journal recently revamped the entire platform with the latest technology that offers killer user experience for writing unlimited secure private journals at no cost without any advertisements. With an extra membership fee(offered as annual $39.99 per year and monthly $4.99 per month), you can participate in the well established online journal community where you can get connected with other journal writers all over the world.

Goodnight journal also offers a great seamless experience using it from different devices from desktop to mobile and tablets.

Plans: Free, $4.99 monthly, or $39.99 Annual

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One of the oldest online journal apps out there built from Canada. You can use it for free with a limited feature or a pro option for $49.99 and $19.99 depending on what features you need. Penzu offers a seamless experience using it from your desktop or mobile app. A good way to keep your journals for yourself.

Penzu offers a WordPress-like writing experience that feels like an old fashioned blog. Also paid membership comes with encryption.

Plans: Free, $9.99 monthly, or $49.99 Annual

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A company based in Singapore built a great journal app that works good for writing journals for yourself on mobile devices. Journey's iOS and Android app are a good option to write journals for yourself on the go with your smartphone. Journey also offers a desktop web based app that lacks a lot of features that are offered in the mobile apps.

Plans: Free, $3.99 monthly, or $29.99 Annual

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Day One


Known for iOS only journal app started with app for Macs. The original os the Journey app which offers very similar features as Journey. Supported by many legacy users and still going strong. Day One's iOS apps work just fine as all others and are good for keeping journals for yourself.

Plans: Free or $34.99 Annual

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My Diary


One of the oldest and free online journals still offers the same service. My Diary is one of the few apps that allows users to write public journals but lacking the community aspect. Still does a good job for you to write journals but their UI and design might be little out-dated for your taste.

Plans: Free

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Which online journal app do you like the most?

As you can see, all 5 apps offer a good experience writing private journals. It's really up to you to find the one that works best for you. Do you like to use your smartphone and desktop or tablet? Goodnight Journal and Penzu are the ways to go. Do you like to meet new journal writer friends or see what others write for their journal? Maybe Goodnight Journal and My Diary are the ones you want to check out. All of 5 journals offer free versions that will give you enough idea how the app works. Check them out and pick the one you like! Happy journaling!