Reflective Journal Prompts

Some people fail to find the topic or event to write on when they pick their diary and pencil. It happens when you have never written anything in your reflective journal. So if you are confused and couldn’t find what to write in your reflective journal then here are some important reflective journal prompts for you.

Reflective Journal Prompts

Write on your childhood:

What is more interesting than your childhood when you had no responsibilities, tensions, mental stresses, but only fun? There are hundreds of childhood memories in our minds no matter how adult and mature we are now. We always miss our childhood and the people we had in the past. You can write a lot of things on this prompt on a daily basis that will keep reminding you of your beautiful and memorable time.

Write on someone who is special to your heart:

This is what you want to keep secret but you need to remember everything relating to that particular person. Your journal will appreciate your writing about someone special in it. You must have spent beautiful moments with him/her that you won’t forget ever. So the best option is to note them down into your reflective journal that means you a lot.

Something interesting in you:

Everyone has something special and unique that distinguishes it from the others. You must have something that makes you unique and you need to know about it. Analyze yourself and write all those things about yourself that make you interesting and unique. It will really appreciate and encourage you to live a life with hope and no regrets.

What makes you happy:

We need to know the things that can change our mode and make us smile when we are stressed, worried, or tensed. If you want to write your journal, then write the reasons or things that make you happy and smile when you need to be. You can get help from your journal when you are facing some serious situation or have faced something bad. But don’t be sad for so long because it makes you weaker.

Note down your goals of the week:

Don’t you think you need to write down your goals for the week? It will remind you to achieve your goal before the deadline and it really works. You can write in your journal that you have to do something this weak and there is no excuse.

Important event, happening, or incident in your life:

When something good or bad happens in our lives we need to know the reason, effects, and precautions of that incident, happening, or event. It will help you to learn from it and make a wise decisions or take action for the next time. So you can write everything about the event in your reflective journal to learn from your experience.

What are your bad habits:

Most of the people have some bad habits that they want to leave but fail due to addiction. You can write down your bad habits in your journal, make a list, and then classify them. It will help you to eliminate them from below.