10 Types of Journals That You Must Know

You can write different types of journals for different purposes. Each type of journal can be useful for certain projects, hobbies, and usefulness.

10 Types of Journals That You Must Know

It’s very common for people who love to write journals to have more than one type of journal. Writing journals can be a very important activity for some people. If one journal isn’t enough for you, don’t hesitate to write more types of journals to keep everything organized.

10 Types of Journals

In this article we have gathered some of the most common and useful types of journals that you can use. Each journal has its purposes. See which ones are the most useful for you and keep notes in case you need them in the future.

Dream journal

Dreams can be important and exciting for some people. If you’re one of those people who can’t stop having vivid dreams, a dream journal can be useful. Writing a dream journal can help you remember what happened in your dreams and what your dreams were all about. You can analyze your dreams and learn more about your subconsciousness. Analyzing one’s dream is a great way to learn more about what’s inside one’s mind.

Food journal

A food journal is one of the most popular types of journals. Today, people need a reminder about their eating habits. With a food journal, you can keep track of your diet. What you ate and drank, the ingredients that are inside your food, calorie intake, and pretty much everything else can be tracked.

With the data you can see if you’re living a healthy lifestyle or not. The journal can help you decide what to eat or cook for tomorrow or the whole week. You can bring it to the next level by taking a picture of the food you eat and attach it in the journal.

Wreck journal

Wreck journals are journals that list tasks that you need to do every day. The content of the journal can be a simple list of things-to-do. You can sort it by the most important things on top and least important things on the bottom. You can use drawing or coloring to make the list better.

Pregnancy journal

You can use this journal to write down symptoms that you feel during pregnancy. You can add how you’re feeling at different times of the day. This journal can help doctors to know exactly what’s happening in your pregnancy and plan the best course of action until the due date. There is also something called “pregnancy brain”, that says pregnant women often forget about certain things. This journal can help you to remember everything.

Workout journal

A workout journal is similar to a food journal. You can track your progress every day and know exactly how many calories you born or effective your workout sessions are. You’d be surprised at how much information such as distance, speed, duration, etc. that you can collect with this journal.

This concludes our list of 5 types of journals, we hope that you can decide what kind of journals you want to write from the article.