10 Journal Writing Prompts to Make You Happy

There are several interesting facts about reflective journal writing. The best one is that it makes you smile if you have a gratitude journal.

We all do something great in our lives that we use to remind and then smile. This smile is everything that you get from your personal memories. However, if you keep writing all of your good things, events, memories, and decisions in your journal. You will find the reason to smile daily reading your reflective journal.

10 Journal Writing Prompts to Make You Happy

We don’t always share the beautiful and memorable moments of our lives with others. Some feelings are made for ourselves that energize, proud, smile and encourage us. We can share these feelings and memories in our reflective journal. It will help ua to be happy as well as learn from past experiences.

If you don’t understand what to write in your journal to make it a gratitude journal. Then there are 10 journal writing prompts to make you happy:

10 journal wiring prompts to boost your happiness

  1. When I got the first position in my school/college?
  2. What was the most interesting moment of the day?
  3. Who is my best friend with whom I have spent the best moments?
  4. Is there any event or celebration tonight?
  5. Which movie is the funniest one?
  6. What makes me smile when I’m upset or worried?
  7. What is the first achievement of my life?
  8. Where did we go on our school trip? What was the best scene?
  9. Who is the most loved person in my life?
  10. What I wished to be in the future when I was a kid?

These are some important prompts for your reflective journal that will make you happy whenever you read & write it. It is very good to have a reason to smile. Nothing is more beautiful and effective for this purpose than your own good memories. Memories never get old or spoiled if you have a wonderful experience in your life about anything. If you start your journal writing with these prompts, you must be able to have a gratitude journal soon.

Why do you need a gratitude journal?

You might be looking for a reason to smile and that’s why you are here reading this blog! A gratitude journal can make you happy in no time. If you keep writing the good and all positive things in your reflective journal. You would love to read your own words again and again. Whether the things are important or not that you have added in your gratitude journal. It must be close to your heart and soul. Therefore, it can make you feel so happy and relaxed reading your journal.

A gratitude journal enables you to share your good memories and the emotions with you that you won’t share with someone else. Because sometimes we don’t find a person closer than ourselves. Your gratitude journal will help you to learn from the experience as well as make you smile when you aren’t feeling well.